What add-ons does Assure support?

This article provides a quick list of all the complimentary add-ons that the Saasyan Assure platform integrates with and also explains the benefits of integrating each of these add-ons.

The Saasyan Assure software currently supports the following complimentary add-ons which are included with your subscription to the Assure software. 

Integrations for Microsoft/Office 365 and Google Workspace

Both integrations help track email and chat messages among students.
    • Integration with Google Drive is coming soon

Some of the integrations for LMS that are currently supported are: 

We are also able to support other LMS providers that support LTI standards.

The LMS integration allows teachers to set temporary rules straight from the LMS without needing an Assure login.

By doing this through the LMS, the software is smart enough to apply the Rule to all the students as part of a particular course (Canvas only).

We can also integrate with your SSO. The following identity providers (IdPs) are all supported: 

  • ADFS (Microsoft Server 2012R2 and above) 
  • OKTA 
  • Azure AD 
  • Google
  • Cloudworks (Studentnet.ID) 
  • Jumpcloud
  • OneLogin 

Please let us know if you are using another SSO provider and we can confirm if it can be accommodated.

The SSO integration allows users to log in to Assure using their existing login from their school environment.  


If you have any further questions for our team, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@saasyan.com